If you want to have a romantic wedding,

The main color of this wedding is pink, and the wedding dress can also choose pink. From the decoration style, you can feel the simple and fashionable main theme, the bridesmaid can also choose the pink whole piece of the wedding will look romantic. Simple wedding, stylish simple wedding, beautiful theme wedding. Wedding dress selection,
If you want to have a romantic wedding, then take a look at how. Stylish and simple wedding,

Fashionable simple weddings The choice of wedding dresses is also important. color: White. Ivory,

Red wedding scene layout Red is also good Wedding scenes are very beautiful Sheath Fit Wedding Dresses .

As the traditional classic color of the wedding – red, it becomes very challenging in Western weddings. Red roses are the most commonly used flowers in red wedding scenes. In fact, in addition to red roses, there are many red flowers for newcomers to choose from, which can be used with a variety of roses. Color matching is also a very

important factor. The color that is most easily matched with the red wedding scene is white, which makes the red more conspicuous and more fashionable. Black is also a suitable match color, because it is a contrast color, so you need to pay attention to the proportion of the match to look good, black and red wedding scene layout is more noble temperament. The safflower also needs green leaves, and the red and green contrast is one of the most popular colors nowadays. When paired properly, your wedding will be more individual and bright. In addition, red and silver, gray can also be matched very well.


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